2018 - End of an Era

Wow, can you believe this is the final year of the 2010's?! My 8 year-old self can still remember how amazing it was entering the new millennium! Our apologies for not posting in December. It's been a busy month!

Now that the Christmas dinners and parties are over it's time to start thinking about that new-year's resolution. What's yours going to be? For Chris and I, we've had such a great time gigging around the Midlands that it's inspired us to inject new energy into our songwriting. That's why this year you can expect some new releases from Answer Back. We've already done a lot of the backbone work in preparing for these, including some of the recording and having made investments into new equipment.

More importantly though, Chris and I are currently in the middle of a quest. It's a very complicated quest to try and discover something about ourselves. The process is very methodical and the plan keeps evolving with every successful step we make. We don't know for sure how long it's going to take but it's getting more and more exciting! We'll hopefully have a working demonstration ready for you soon.

One of the key triumphs of Answer Back has been teaming up with kind and talented individuals with the likeminded ambition of achieving things. A lot of people have been banging on the doors to get involved and in 2019 we're going to expand our operational circles to include more of you. At the same time, we'll be keeping our eyes and ears open to generate new opportunities ourselves.

Thank you again to all our supporters during the last 12 months, it means the world to us that you take such interest in our activities. Our tour diary is empty for the time being whilst we work on this new exciting adventure but I'm sure we'll be back in town near you in no time! As always, keep up to date with our progress via the Facebook page and don't forget YouTube is the place to go if you want to see our music videos!

Stay tuned!

Oli =]

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