This is our first official blog!

Well hey there, thanks for dropping by. This is Oli from Answer Back. So, it occurred to us that we really ought to be doing this 'blog' stuff. It's considered a 'must-do' in the industry and actually, what better way to tell you all about what's going on! This truly is a first so please bear with us until we get the hang of doing it properly!

We will try our best to create new blogs as often as we can but we really are such busy people! Answer Back on the surface probably just looks like a band. Chris and I also have our subsidiaries Glistening Records and Vivid World Music to think about and then there's our ordinary day-to-day lives to muddle through, just like the rest of us. Working our social media alone would be a full-time job for someone!

The dream is simply to be able to live our lives doing what we enjoy - songwriting and performing. We are both passionate about turning stories and words of wisdom into seriously catchy pop songs and we already know that so many of you enjoy watching and listening to them. Until that big break comes our way though, we've still got to find ways to pay our bills and do a million different things all at once. All our fellow musical friends out there will agree it's a rather time consuming and all round expensive ambition in life. It doesn't stop us though! The enjoyment is too great.

For anybody new to Answer Back reading this and wondering, "hmmm! I'd like to know more about these guys", you may want to head over to a page on the website called 'Our Journey', which describes the whole adventure since it's creation in 2007.

So, what's new then? Well recently, we released the About Her EP online. Most of you will know that signed hardcopies of these are obtainable at our live shows but now there's the option to download it all when you get home instead! With the adventures Chris and I have coming up, we really needed to get it out there…! If you've not heard it yet, you can preview the full thing right here:

In other news, we're playing at the National Exhibition Centre this Saturday night as part of a competition called Open Mic UK. If we're successful, we'll be one step away from a place in the National Grand Final of the whole competition! You'll need to buy a ticket off us if you want to be a part of the action! Drop us a line on Facebook or via email.

Well, that's it for now! I'll try and get Chris to write a blog or two - it's always great to hear from him.

Stay tuned!

Oli =]

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